R&T Staffing Website Review

Learn how to build better business websites by following along with this website review. Follow along as we take a look at the website of R&T Staffing.

R&T Staffing Website Review


One of the best ways to learn is by example. In this article we are going to teach by example. We will be reviewing the website of R&T Staffing. More specifically, we will look at what they are doing well and what they can do to improve. All the lessons we touch on can be applied to YOUR BUSINESS. Take this opportunity to follow along with your site and see how you compare.

DISCLAIMER: The point of this article is to be educational. Building a website is difficult. Building a website that meets best practices is incredibly difficult. The intention is to raise awareness and build a better internet, not bring people down.

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How Fast Should Your Website Be?

Website load speed is one of the most important factors for a healthy website. When we measure website load speed we don’t want to just consider the best case scenario, someone accessing the website with fast internet. We want to make sure even those with the poorest cell reception can load our website as quickly as possible.

The reason is simple: WE WANT TO GIVE EVERYONE THE BEST CHANCE TO BECOME A CUSTOMER. A quick loading website is the preliminary test visitors subconsciously use to determine which business is worth their time. If your website loads slowly then visitors will leave for your competition.

With over 50% of internet traffic originating from mobile devices, optimizing your site for mobile performance is important. The first thing we are going to consider is mobile load speed. The longest any website should take to load is is 4 seconds. Is your website fast enough for mobile users?

When we look at R&T Staffing’s website we can see that they load in 15.6 seconds. Meaning we can expect our website visitors to spend a LOOOONNGGG time waiting for the website to load.

mobile load times for R&T Staffing

mobile load times for R&T Staffing

Looking at the load times for desktop is a much better story with the load time under four. It it is worth noting again that four seconds should be the bare minimum. Ideally we would get this number closer to two.

desktop load times for R&T Staffing

desktop load times for R&T Staffing

Improve Local SEO with Google Business Profile!

Local SEO is a subset of SEO as a larger strategy. One of the most important factors for local SEO is how well does the local community like your business? Google is in the business of making recommendations and the last thing they want to do is recommend a bad business.

R&T Staffing google business profile

R&T Staffing google business profile

As we can see, they have over 60 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars. THIS IS EXCELLENT! The quickest way to improve your local SEO is by receiving reviews. R&T Staffing took this a step further by responding to the reviews. This shows that the business is attentive and respondent, both signals that Google looks for.

How Important Is An Accessible Website?

The internet is in a sad state. Only 3% of it is considered accessible to people with disabilities. Everyone deserves the right to consume the internet and be treated as a first class citizen, and your website visitors are not exception.

Beyond the moral and social responsibility, you also owe it to your business to make sure your website is accessible as possible. As I mentioned above, we want to give everyone the opportunity to be our customers. Think of the competitive advantage you gain by making your website accessible. Your competitors are certainly not making their website accessible. Doing so opens up a whole other demographic of people that can suddenly use your website.

When we look at R&T Staffing’s website we can see that they don’t always use proper alt text for images. Alt text is a brief description of an image, beneficial both for SEO and accessibility. Search engine robots use alt text to understand images, and screen readers read it aloud for visually impaired users.

missing alt text

Ensure all images, especially those in blog posts, have descriptive alt text.

Lock Down Your Website With Proper Security!

Starting over from scratch sucks. One of the easiest ways to guarantee that you need to start your website over from scratch is to ignore your website security.

If your website is built on WordPress, it’s essential to pay extra attention to security measures because YOU are responsible for the site’s security. WordPress powers a significant portion of the internet, making it a prime target for hackers.

Change Your Default Login URL

Hackers will scan for WordPress website’s that use the default login URL: “wp-login”. Make their life more difficult by changing the default login URL to something else. Now they will first need to find your login page. Oftentimes this is enough to deter hackers and they will move onto a different website.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is that extra step to confirm that you actually meant to sign in. The idea is that only a trusted device, like your phone can do this confirmation. Two-factor authentication can act as a final line of defense. Should a hacker get into your website you can deny them access.

A Quick Lesson On Optimizing Conversion Rates

We all want better conversion rates on our website. Improving your conversion rate is simple. Make it easy for your visitors to say yes. Currently this website talks mostly about the “What”. Talking about the “What” is important, it provides context to visitors so they know what you do. But most often the “What” is not enough to get someone to do business.

To improve conversion rates we need to communicate “Why” they should care. If you were a job seeker what would make you want to do business with you? Just offering the service isn’t enough. Do you offer higher pay? Quicker placement? Why are you so special?

Highlight how you’ve helped similar individuals or companies and provide clear calls to action. This strategy will guide visitors toward taking the desired actions on your website.


We covered a pretty wide range of topics in this article. I hope everything was helpful and you saw some room for improvement in your own business websites. At the end of the day this is an iterative process. Identify areas of weakness, make adjustments, repeat. If there are any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

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