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The perfect solution for business owners who don't want to deal with the design, care, and reporting necessary for an effective website. Trust the pros to care for your website.

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Taking Care Of Your Website Doesn't Need To Be A Challenge

Never touch your website again! When you sign onto a care plan you will receive dedicated support each month.

Website Hosting

Say goodbye to slow shared hosting. We run your website on the fastest servers around the world for the quickest load times on the internet, regardless of where your visitors live.


Receive a custom report summarizing the performance of your website over the past month. The contents of the report will depend on your selected plan.

Security Scans

Malicious users can try to take down even the smallest of websites. Security scans serve as a watchdog to prevent these malicious users from harming your website.

Support Time

Need an update to some copy or want a new landing page? We are your personal development team. We are always around to help you reach your goals.

Software Updates

Software is always updating and improving. Never get left behind as we ensure that your website is running on the latest and greatest technology.

Performance Scans

A fast website is a good website. We will monitor your website’s speed to make sure that it is always performing as fast as possible.

Website Backups

Relax with the peace of mind knowing that your website is always backed up. Should an unforeseen accident take down your website, you will be back up and running in no time.

Website Warranty

Our website warranty is the ultimate safeguard. If your website breaks for any reason we will restore it back to working condition in no time.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel your account at any time and walk away with all your website’s files. Your website and its credentials are never held captive.

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